about us

The Hellertown Sportsmen’s Club grounds are quite easily located, no need to “put the window down and listen for shots” as is often the case. The club is just three miles south of exit 67 on I-78. Traveling south on route 412, the main street in Hellertown, you will see on your right, the familiar “golden arches.” Behind these arches, the club is located on Meadows Road.
The club is nestled, literally, in an old stone quarry that practically engulfs all the outdoor ranges with a high natural backstop. It also is a stone’s throw from the Saucon Creek, an excellent cold water trout stream fed by many clear springs.
HSA has active and regularly scheduled events in all shooting disciplines, including the oldest Bullseye Pistol League in the United States (LVPRL). The LVPRL shoots every Wednesday from 5:00 until 9:00 pm. The ranges include a modern indoor range, built in 1990, mostly by member volunteers. This facility is well known locally with electronically controlled turning targets and an exceptionally fine exhaust and heating system. It accommodates, on scheduled dates, several local police and state law enforcement agencies. IDPA and IPSC action shooting events are also accommodated as well as SWAT team training. The 25 yard outdoor macadam range includes two benches and a roof. Pistol shooters who are interested in the more serious NRA pistol matches can get information while shooting indoor “bullseye”. The “action” groups have several members who go to various matches out of state. Private instructors, licensed by Smith & Wesson or the NRA also have training available.
The rifle range has three benches and a roof to accommodate three riflemen at a time with both 50 yard and 100 yard backstops. All rifle shooting must be done from the bench. To prevent any stray shots there are aligned three large horizontal barriers above the shooting lanes consisting of foot deep enclosed troughs.
Trap shooting is held on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. Several members of the trap committee are ATA registered shooters who are available to help the more serious, as well as, novice shooter get started.
In all of the mentioned shooting styles, there are knowledgeable and willing shooters to help anyone get properly introduced to the sport.
Unless posted on the property, or on the calendar, or noted in the newsletter, all outdoor ranges are available to members from 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. All new members are given a sheet of range rules. Non-members are not allowed to shoot unless at a scheduled event open to the public.
For the young archers, there are indoor ranges manned by trained and dedicated personnel. Traditionally, starting after Labor Day, this group continues weekly until “Little League” in the spring. For adult archers there are several ways to practice with a bow. Indoor leagues are held on a weekly basis during the winter months, and there is also an outdoor practice range.
For the non-shooter, there is a fine trout stream with a club maintained bridge for access to either side. The club also includes a large pavilion with several large tables to be used for family picnics. Fishing contests are held each year for the youngsters and more than one pre-teenager has gone home with a big smile and a trout too large to fit the pan.
Membership meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the clubhouse with light refreshments usually available. The club has approximately 800 members and publishes a bimonthly newsletter which helps to keep the members informed of various events and activities.